Applewood Pointe of Alpine Valley


Apple Valley, MN


Weis Builders




Senior living multi-family


Applewood Pointe of Apple Valley isn’t just a senior living community – it’s a resident-owned and operated one, designed for those 62 and over who crave an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Forget traditional retirement homes; here, you’ll own a beautiful, modern home with upscale finishes and enjoy the freedom of independent living without the burden of maintenance. The vibrant community buzzes with social events, clubs, and activities, while the convenient location keeps you close to shops, restaurants, parks, and entertainment. Experienced developer United Properties backs the project, and as a resident-member, you’ll have a say in shaping your community. The best part? Should you ever want to move on, a waiting list of eager buyers ensures a smooth transition. So, if you’re looking for an independent, engaged retirement experience where your voice matters, Applewood Pointe might just be your perfect fit.

Products Used

  • Fire rated wood doors
  • Interior pre-hung wood doors
  • Standard running trim
  • Custom millwork
  • Hollow metal doors and frames
  • Finish hardware
  • Section 10 specialties
  • Electronic access control