Add value and beauty to your home with custom mouldings from Builders Millwork.


Explore our mouldings division to discover a versatile selection of options, including solid wood, veneered, and MDF mouldings, allowing you to elevate your spaces with a blend of timeless elegance and modern versatility.

Custom Millwork

We have the expertise and equipment to create custom pieces of any size, shape, or complexity.

Products Include

  • Column and beam wraps
  • Shelving
  • Mantels and surrounds
  • Wall cap
  • Sills
  • S4S
  • Curved mouldings

Our custom millwork products are made from the highest quality materials and are built to last. We offer a wide range of wood species and finishes to choose from, so you can create a look that is unique to your home or business.

We understand that every project is different, so we work closely with our customers to ensure that their needs are met. We provide detailed estimates and timelines, and we keep our customers updated throughout the entire process.